Private yoga sessions are a great way to improve your practice!  Whether you're looking to tailor a session for a specific focus or you're new to yoga and looking to learn the basics in your own home, private lessons are a wonderful option.  One of our certified yoga instructors will provide you with hands on tips and cues for better alignment and positioning to insure a safe and beneficial yoga practice.

In Studio

  • Private Lessons: $90 for a one-on-one, 60 minute yoga session, in studio.
  • Semi-Private Lessons: $140 for a 60 minute yoga session with 2-3 students, in studio.

Yoga at Your Location

  • Private Lessons: $115 for a one-on-one, 60 minute yoga session, off site
  • Semi-Private Lessons: $180 for a 60 minute yoga session with 2-3 students, off site

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Home Practice Plan with Patti Confort

Many yogis have busy schedules that do not allow for them to attend studio classes as often as they would like. Some look at their yoga mat, rolled up in the corner of the room, and yearn for even a short practice that would allow them to find some physical and mental relief from their day-to-day lives.  If you are one of these yogis, would you like to have your own home practice? TSY offers a service that provides a customized home practice to their students!  Let seasoned teacher Patti Confort and write a practice customized for you - one that you can do anytime at your own home. This personalized practice will be designed to meet your physical needs and practice goals.

How it works:

  1. One-on-one meeting with Patti to discuss your objectives and expectations. Students will be asked to complete the TSY personal practice questionnaire.
  2. Based on specific needs/desires, a 30-minute practice will be written.
  3. Second one-on-one meeting will be held to review the prepared practice on the mat. The student will receive a written version of the sequence, along with alignment cues.
  4. Patti will follow-up, via email, to evaluate the student’s progress with the practice.

Expanded Home Practice Option

Based on the student’s experience with the initial 30-minute practice, the student can request a second, expanded version to include more variation.  Another one-on-one follow-up meeting will take place to review the expanded sequence on the mat and the student will receive this written version along with alignment cues. The student’s progress will be evaluated with a follow up email.


  • $175 - Home Practice
  • $75 - Extended Home Practice (add-on)?
  • $250 - Initial and Extended Practice combination?

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Meetings beyond those described above will be considered private yoga sessions and be charged at $90 per hour. All meetings will be held at the TSY studio in Newport, RI.  Meetings held at the student’s residence will incur additional charges.